In 1984, I dyed my hair blond to play Tony in "West Side Story."  My director, the great Bill Wendt, felt I looked more Puerto Rican, than all the actors playing Puerto Ricans in the musical and to make me look different then the "Sharks" we went to the hairdresser.


Well, blondes are supposed to have more fun, aren't they?  I sure didn't.  I had never died my hair.  It took 5 hours of bleaching to get the black out of my hair.  Then after my scalp flaked off, not only was I blond, I turned red, orange yellow and (depending on which Shampoo I used) blue, grey and a bit of green as well. 


In these photos with me is Marty Purvis Walden as Maria.  She is a very talented soprano.  Nearly 25 years later, Marty and I are still in contact with each other.

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