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Dumbo Film Festival - Brooklyn, NY

Semi-Finalist - “Best Short Form Narrative Film”


Vesuvius Int'l Monthly Film Festival

Naples, Italy

Finalist - “Best Web/TV Series Pilot”

Finalist - “Best Trailer”

Finalist - “Best Script” - Mark Janicello

Nominee - “Best Actor” - Mark Janicello

Nominee - “Best Music” - Ulf Weidmann/Mark Janicello


Assurdo Film Festival - Milan, Italy

Nominee - “Best Screenplay” - Mark Janicello

Nominee - “Best Editing” - Mark Janicello/Joris Hermans

Nominee - “Best Trailer”

Nominee - “Best Poster”


VIP Film Festival - Palermo, Sicily

Semi-Finalist - “Best Web/TV Series”

Semi-Finalist - “Best Trailer”

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1987 - Puccini Foundation Award Winner

2016 - City of Leipzig Fips Fleischer Music Prize

2022 - “The Best Gospel Elvis in the World” – Porthcawl Elvis Festival*

*The Porthcawl Elvis Festival is the largest Elvis Festival in the world with over 40,000 attendees

NOMINATIONS FOR “THE FINELLIS” as Actor, Screenwriter, Producer, Co-Director & Lyricist